Our goals are not only to teach kids how to use powerful creation & development tools, but to teach kids how to "THINK" in ways that  broaden 21st century & STEM thinking skills. 

We want to help create design
& computational thinkers !

Available Courses

  • Minecraft encourages millions of players to create, explore, and discover. We want to bring that passion into the classroom. Join us as we help integrate Minecraft built for learning.

  • Scratch is a simple developers tool kit and programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art -- and then share your creations on the web.

    As young people create and share Scratch programs and projects, they learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also learning to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively.

    This course will introduce students to Scratch project programming and game development basic concepts.

  • Intermediate Programming with Scratch will explore the full range of Scratch programming blocks. This class will spend considerable time exploring variables, lists, loops, and conditionals so that students can apply these concepts into projects and demonstrate their proficiencies by constructing algorithms that create generative art projects 

    This class assumes the student has either completed the "Basic Programming & Game Development with Scratch" or is reasonably familiar with Scratch and can create a simple Scratch game.
  • From Scratch to Writing Code is a Khan Academy series of courses ordered to give a budding programmer an idea how they might evolve from Scratch, and into writing code ! This course will walk the student through the transition of programming with a visual programming environment like Scratch to programming in a text based environment (Like Java, PHP, Javascript, C++, and others). Building off of skills learned in Scratch students will quickly transition and begin building very visual and interactive programs.

  • The Finch is a new robot for computer science education. Its design is the result of a four year study at Carnegie Mellon's CREATE lab. - http://www.finchrobot.com

    The Finch is designed to support an engaging introduction to the art of programming.

    The Finch was designed to allow students to write richly interactive programs. On-board features include:

    • Light, temperature, and obstacle sensors 
    • Accelerometers 
    • Motors
    • Buzzer 
    • Full-color beak LED 
    • Pen mount for drawing capability 
    • Plugs into USB port - no batteries required 

    The Finch is manufactured under license from Carnegie Mellon University.

  • NAO is the most widely used humanoid robot for academic purposes worldwide.

    Fully interactive, fun, and constantly evolving, NAO is a trusted platform for teaching students at different levels.

    Why teach with robots?

    Robotics is one of the latest technological innovations, and a humanoid robot is an ideal learning tool for classes at all levels.

    Robots allow students to connect theory with practice and discover a wide range of robotics-related fields, such as computer science, engineering, and mathematics.

    Students gain hands-on experience using NAO, and, when used in the lab, they discover exciting topics such as locomotion, grasping, audio and video signal processing, voice recognition, and much more.

    NAO also allows teachers to integrate team work, project management, problem solving, and communication skills in a stimulating setting. NAO offers the flexibility for developing interdisciplinary projects.